Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Lost Prophet: Bayard Rustin The Black gay man in the Black Movement,

Coming across this video on youtube was a turning point in my life. As a Black African gay man, the greatest challenge I face in my life is to prove that being Black, Gay and African is not a western thing and that my soul has not been corrupted by watching too much television.

But in doing this I have to look for examples of pre colonial homosexual activities within the African setting. Yes I was happy when I was able to find some, but the not so good thing about this is that, since most Africans do not really have a written record of this, the materials available were works of white men, so that was not good enough.

Then came this video. It was a record of the brain behind the Martin Luther King Jr 1. It was really interesting to note that as far as the Black community is concerned, the fear of owing up to homosexual behaviour in our community is one thing we are ashamed of, and funny to note that even King the great was forced to denounce Rustin based on Rustin sexuality. The interesting thing is, it was even Rustin that met Ghandi and not Martin. It a shame that a man like that is considered a lost prophet.

Enjoy the video.


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