Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Adebisi Alimi: The Lost Prophet: Bayard Rustin The Black gay man in the Black Movement,

Adebisi Alimi: The Lost Prophet: Bayard Rustin The Black gay man in the Black Movement,

Friday, December 11, 2009

Bisi Alimi's Speech at the Uganda Anti Homosexual Bill Protest in London

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we are gathered here with one aim, vision and mission, and that is, just like Martin Luther King Jr said, "We have a dream, a dream to see a World devoid of discrimination, stigmatization and hatred.

Hatred towards anyone based on "Gender, Race, Sexual Orientation and Sexuality"

Today in one united voice, we cry out loud and clear against the draconian bill in Uganda

Today, men and women, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgenders and Heterosexuals say NO to the most retrogressive, abusive and inhumane law about to pass in Uganda.

It is a shame, that in 2009, just when we thought we are gaining grounds against HIV worldwide, Uganda and many other countries in Africa are thinking of taking us back to the 80s.

Today, it is not just about the bill in Uganda

It is about the continuous killing and witch hunting of LGBT people worldwide

it is about the continuous abuse of Women and Children

It is about the continuous and endless wars in Darfur, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan

It is about the continuous disregard for fundamental Human Rights

Today it is about bad leadership and about corruption

Ladies and Gentlemen, today 10th Dec, the international day for Human Rights is:

is about you and I

Finally Just like Bob Marley said:

"how long shall they kill our "people" while we stand back and look?"

Today, we have refused to stand back, we have refused to look, but to take action.

today is the beginning of Hope for you and I

Today the Struggles continues

Tomorrow Victory is certain.

Thank you.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Racism or Protectionism........The BNP saga

The BNP has been on the spot for a very long time, and it doesn’t look like it will ever stop for as long as the party is still getting votes in Britain.

During the last election, the BNP not only get two seats at the European elections, but they also have seat at the London Assembly and also in some part of the country.

The success of the BNP is increasing and the popularity of the party is becoming so difficult for the anti-fascist to curb. The party has always been controversial in his policy and ideology. They have no platform for Gay people and also a no membership offer for Black and Minority ethnics.

They have even gone as far as criticising the inclusion of players like Ashley Cole in the England’s team.

The argument of the BNP has been that they wanted to protect what is British, and based on this, they have been able to get sympathetic votes from those Brits that think that their culture and existence is at stake.

The opponents of the BNP say they are racist and bigots. They have also referred to the BNP as a Nazis party and should not be allowed a place in today dynamic Britain.

My argument has been, is the BNP really racist? Is Racism an act of protectionism?

Earlier this year, South Africans attacked Zimbabweans in what was referred to across the world as a racist attack. But the poor South Africans said, that the Zimbabweans are denying them the opportunity to get a job. (South African job for South African people you will say)

In the early 80’s, I can vividly remember the “Ghana must go” incident in Nigeria, where Ghanaians were ordered to leave Nigeria, because the Nigerian government want Nigerian jobs for Nigerian people. (can you read in between the lines?)

Now the BNP is doing just the same, and they have argue that all they are doing is protect the future of their children.

The question is; does protectionism excuse the act of Racism? The answer is not far from here, it is NO! Everywhere in the world this act of HATRED is practiced, the people the so called champion are protecting always revolt to tell them to shut up. And I can see the same thing happening to the BNP soon. The white middle class that Nick Griffin and his cohort are trying to protect are marrying into interracial marriages and I feel this is a sign of revolt.

It is a big shame that the government has failed to tackle the up raise of these political hooligans and now the British League is climbing on the success of the BNP to start their own madness.

To answer the earlier question, yes BNP is a racist group that should be outlawed, but is protectionism an act or rascim? let me know what you think

Maybe these people should be reminded that, the so called immigrants they so much want to get rid of also have a stake in this country.

Well that is an argument for another day.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Lost Prophet: Bayard Rustin The Black gay man in the Black Movement,

Coming across this video on youtube was a turning point in my life. As a Black African gay man, the greatest challenge I face in my life is to prove that being Black, Gay and African is not a western thing and that my soul has not been corrupted by watching too much television.

But in doing this I have to look for examples of pre colonial homosexual activities within the African setting. Yes I was happy when I was able to find some, but the not so good thing about this is that, since most Africans do not really have a written record of this, the materials available were works of white men, so that was not good enough.

Then came this video. It was a record of the brain behind the Martin Luther King Jr 1. It was really interesting to note that as far as the Black community is concerned, the fear of owing up to homosexual behaviour in our community is one thing we are ashamed of, and funny to note that even King the great was forced to denounce Rustin based on Rustin sexuality. The interesting thing is, it was even Rustin that met Ghandi and not Martin. It a shame that a man like that is considered a lost prophet.

Enjoy the video.