Friday, December 11, 2009

Bisi Alimi's Speech at the Uganda Anti Homosexual Bill Protest in London

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we are gathered here with one aim, vision and mission, and that is, just like Martin Luther King Jr said, "We have a dream, a dream to see a World devoid of discrimination, stigmatization and hatred.

Hatred towards anyone based on "Gender, Race, Sexual Orientation and Sexuality"

Today in one united voice, we cry out loud and clear against the draconian bill in Uganda

Today, men and women, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgenders and Heterosexuals say NO to the most retrogressive, abusive and inhumane law about to pass in Uganda.

It is a shame, that in 2009, just when we thought we are gaining grounds against HIV worldwide, Uganda and many other countries in Africa are thinking of taking us back to the 80s.

Today, it is not just about the bill in Uganda

It is about the continuous killing and witch hunting of LGBT people worldwide

it is about the continuous abuse of Women and Children

It is about the continuous and endless wars in Darfur, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan

It is about the continuous disregard for fundamental Human Rights

Today it is about bad leadership and about corruption

Ladies and Gentlemen, today 10th Dec, the international day for Human Rights is:

is about you and I

Finally Just like Bob Marley said:

"how long shall they kill our "people" while we stand back and look?"

Today, we have refused to stand back, we have refused to look, but to take action.

today is the beginning of Hope for you and I

Today the Struggles continues

Tomorrow Victory is certain.

Thank you.


talkwithmelistentome said...

It is brief and beautiful. It is active and stimulating. It is about now and future. It is about hope and victory. Well-done.

Anonymous said...

What a well crafted work of word. I love the poetic force in it. Keep up the good work